Welcome to the Daniels Memorial Healthcare Foundation.

The Daniels Memorial Hospital Foundation was founded in 1986 as a charitable, non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. The goal of the Daniels Memorial Healthcare Foundation is to raise funds, advocate and support the Daniels Memorial Healthcare Center and its employees. This is accomplished by memberships, donations, fundraising events, sponsorships, grants, raffles, and planned-giving.

The Foundation has a board of six Directors and a hospital representative that make up the voting members of the board. There is also an Office manager and a Planned Giving Officer that assist the Foundation in their everyday accomplishments and events.

At the August 2022 annual meeting, the Foundation said good-bye to longstanding board members Mike McDermott as outgoing Chairman, and Nancy Lund, Vice Chairman, as they had served two consecutive 3-year terms. The Foundation’s nominating committee selected Holly Cole and Shelly Hensel for board replacements and were unanimously elected. The Foundation board chose Don Hagfeldt as their new Chairman with Chance Hammar as Vice- Chair and Cooper Olson as the new Treasurer. The Foundation’s nominating committee selected Holly Cole and Shelly Hensel for board replacements, and they join Mayra Tade and hospital representative Kody Brinton, CEO of the Daniels Memorial Healthcare Center, as board directors. Paid positions for the Foundation remain the same with Sheri Crowder as the Office Manager and Beth Pickthorn as the Planned Giving Officer who was hired in September of 2022.

Foundation Board of Directors

  • President: Don Hagfeldt
  • Vice-Chairman: Chance Hammar
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Cooper Olson
  • Board Director: Mayra Tade
  • Board Director: Shelly Hensel
  • Board Director: Holly Cole
  • Hospital Representative: Kody Brinton
  • Office Manager: Sheri Crowder
  • Planned Giving Officer: Beth Pickthorn