Helping face the many challenges

Patients can remain here in our local communities and see specialists from larger facilities in Montana and across the nation!

Patients from Daniels County and the surrounding area face many challenges when accessing specialty medical services beyond the scope of our local DMHC Providers. Sheer distance, inclement weather, and transportation limitations make it difficult to reach specialists located at distant facilities. To better serve our patients, Daniels Memorial participates in the Eastern Montana Telemedicine Network through Billings Clinic to transmit real-time video, audio and medical images between the patient and their specialist provider. Telemedicine utilizes telecommunication technologies in the form of a T1 cable connected directly to Billings Clinic in Billings, Montana. This means patients can remain here in our local communities and see specialists from larger facilities in Montana and across the nation!

Telemedicine services are provided in the specialty areas of cardiology, neurology, diabetes education, surgical follow-up, ENT, mental/behavioral health follow-up, infectious disease and others. Patients may ask their specialist provider at Billings Clinic, or elsewhere, whether Telemedicine appointments are appropriate for their follow-up care, and arrangements will be coordinated with the specialist provider and DMHC through the Eastern Montana Telemedicine Network.

Educational opportunities are also available via Telemedicine. Free programs include:

  • Women’s Heart Disease
  • National Depression Screening
  • Neurology Topics
  • Osteoporosis Topics
  • Boomers’ Basics Lunch ‘n’ Learn
  • Diabetic Education
  • CD Support Groups
  • Parkinsons Support Group

Health care professionals require continuing medical education to maintain licensure and certification. Education services benefit network members by reducing travel costs and training multiple staff members at one time.

Through EMTN, our DMHC providers can access ongoing clinical education such as:

  • ACLS
  • CEU Programs
  • EMT Training
  • Grand Rounds
  • Nursing Education
  • Physician CME Programs
  • Radiology and Laboratory Topics
  • Tumor Board

In addition, DMHC utilizes the Telemedicine program to interact with affiliate management staff at Billings Clinic as well as to attend industry meetings and conferences. Each year, Telemedicine and videoconferencing save DMHC thousands of dollars by cutting travel costs and increasing efficient use of work time.