Patient-Care communication boards purchased for DMHC

Through the generosity of the community, the Daniels Memorial Healthcare Foundation’s Celebration of Lights was once again a success in 2022. The yearly campaign raises funds that are distributed to the Daniels Memorial Healthcare Center for added medical equipment or services.

Each year, memorials from the holiday event are designated towards a new project to assist the Healthcare Center. With guidance from the DMHC administration and the nursing department, the DMHF board of directors decided in 2022 to support a patient-centered care project that would not only benefit the hospital patient, but also medical staff. “Since my start with DMHC, I have been impressed with the commitment of the community and the drive of the Foundation to support the facility”, stated Kody Brinton, CEO and Administrator of DMHC. “We have a great partnership, and I look forward to continued collaborations with the Foundation in the future to enhance the care of our community”.

A patient-care communication system was purchased for seven in-patient hospital rooms in the form of specially made large whiteboards. The customized dry-erase Care-Path boards monitor patient treatment and discharge directions, along with communicating important medical information. The boards list the patient’s care team, medications, level of function, goals for discharge, and family communication, along with other vital medical information that need to be shared with the patient, family, and medical staff.

With whiteboards in place, employees at DMHC plan to use them as a prominent tool in communicating vital information that is necessary for accurate patient care. “We were fortunate to have this project chosen as the Celebration of Lights fundraiser.” said Jessica Winge-Petersen, RN, Director of Nursing Services at DMHC. “It is a privilege to work in a community that supports the Foundation and our healthcare. The communication boards will assist the entire care team in their goal to improve communication and provide education from admit to discharge.”

The cost of the Care-Path boards came to a little over $4000, which was paid by memorials and contributions within the Celebration of Lights. The whiteboard laminated magnetic frame is secured to the wall and holds the removable dry-erase graphic. The customized graphic can be taken off and moved from room to room with the patient if needed, and replacement graphic care-sheets can be re-purchased when necessary. “We are grateful for the donations to the Celebration of Lights as we provide funding for projects”, said Don Hagfeldt, Chairman of the Foundation. “The Foundation’s mission is to support the hospital and local healthcare with endeavors such as this.”

The Foundation’s Mission statement is “To secure and serve as a steward of charitable gifts that further the goal of improved healthcare in the community.” You can learn more about the Foundation on the Daniels Memorial Healthcare Center’s website under the Foundation tab.